Sunday, January 8, 2012

The art of compromise

After a early but extremely filling Mexican food dinner, we settle in for some Sunday evening TV watching...

Me: I'm getting some wine.  Can I get anyone else anything?
Girl:  I would like some water.
Boy: I'm kinda hungry still.  Can I have a snack?
Me:  Uh, no.
Boy: How about an apple?
Me: Hmm... How about half an apple and a glass of water?
Girl: Can I have the other half?
Me: Deal.  What color?
Boy: Green.
Girl: Red.

So, now we have a problem.  Let's compromise, and we both get some apple.  No one bends, no one gets an apple.  Good life lesson, right? 

Boy: Green.
Girl: Red.  
Boy: Green.
Girl: Red.  
Boy: Green!
Girl: Red!

Me: Okay, no apple it is then... Let's watch the show.  

Girl: Fine, GREEN.  *sigh*  

Me: And it's Grace, for the win!  I decided that whoever volunteered to compromise would get the color they wanted, instead.  Reward goes to the one willing to be most flexible.  

Boy child was not thrilled.  He chose no apple.  Life lessons are hard, but they'll get harder later.  I'm trying to break them in early...

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