Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just a peaceful Saturday morning

Ah, Saturday morning... Nowhere to be, nothing pressing to do.

Sleeping in sounds like a marvelous plan.  The girl child is at her grandma's house, the boy and the hubs are going for their Saturday morning bike ride...I'll be home all alone.

Peace, quiet, and solitude on a Saturday morning.  How delicious is that??

6:00am:  His alarm clock goes off.  I ignore it and go back to sleep.

6:15am:  The tiny dog knows they are up and starts whining to be let out of his crate.

6:30am:  They are clattering around the house in their bicycle cleats.  Can't find chamois cream, can't find heart rate monitor, etc.

7:00am:  Laundry happening right outside my bedroom door.  Dryer squeaks like nails on chalkboard.

7:10am:  They continue to come in and out of bedroom, talking to me and turning on the light in my eyes.  Headache begins to develop.  I decide I'm not going back to sleep after all.  Decide to watch Game of Thrones while no one is home. (Kids can't see, husband thinks it's weird.)

Try to turn on show, cannot connect Apple TV to iTunes.  Go to computer, someone has unplugged it. Plug it in, boot it up.  Back to bedroom to watch.

7:15am: Boys leave (finally)!

7:20am: Find my place in the show, settle in to watch show and sip coffee (that the boy so kindly made and brought to me before he left).

7:34am:  Phone rings.  "The boy forgot to take his meds, can you bring them to us, meet us at the Chevron?"


7:45am: Arrive at Chevron.  Sit and wait 25 minutes.

8:10am: Phone rings.  "We're at the Chevron.  You're not here."  I'm at the wrong Chevron.

8:20am:  Arrive at correct Chevron, get chastised for not knowing their route better (even though I've never ridden that particular ride with them).

8:30am: Go back home, traveling behind a dumbass going 35 in 55mph zone.

9:00am:  It's too early for wine, but it's never too early for chocolate.


  1. And the award goes to.......... Well, you'll have to go to my page and find out silly :) Happy Weekend!! Smoochies <3

  2. THIS funny and real as hell...holy crap if this isn't my luck on saturday mornings i dont know what is. Nice post!!

  3. Just keepin' it real... Sometimes real is Funny Shit. After the fact. Or when it's not happening to you. Thanks!